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National Science Foundation Grants in the Geoscience Programs at Highline College

The geoscience Program at Highline College has several NSF-supported projects to help improve geoscience education at Highline and throughout United States.

Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education at Two-Year Colleges (SAGE-2YC)

This project provides professional development to two-year college geoscience faculty through a series of workshops and a website. In collaboration with the University of Oregon, The College of William and Mary and Austin Community College District, this $600,000 program helps faculty from across the country stay current on pedagogical innovations and improve training for the geoscience workforce.

The Math You Need, When You Need It

The Math You Need, When You Need It is a set of on-line modules to support students with the mathematics required to be successful in their geoscience courses. The modules were originally developed at Highline for use in Geo 101 and are now being used by more than 50 higher education institutions across the country – from California State East-Bay to University of Texas El Paso to the University of Maine Farmington. The modules are used by thousands of students each week and have been the subject of dozens of scientific papers and presentations.

Supporting Faculty professional Development

Through multiple grants to Highline College, the National Science Foundation has supported about 50 faculty from community colleges to attend the national meeting of the Geological Society of America. This provides a crucial professional development opportunity for faculty who would not be able to attend this major national meeting otherwise. Through a highly competitive application process, over $60,000 in travel grants has been awarded over 3 years.

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